Writing Inspiration for ‘when the first conker falls’

People always ask ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ It’s a very difficult question to answer. It seems to me that I have a glimmer of an idea that’s like a puff of smoke, and slowly, sometimes over the course of weeks or months, it solidifies and starts to shape itself into a story. When I was writing ‘When the first conker falls’ I’d often think about plot/characters etc when I walked my dogs. I can roll things around in my mind for hours at a time. Sometimes something comes to you out of the blue and it doesn’t need much honing. Other times, getting the next plot point or character idiosyncrasies can be like trying to carve a statue from rock with your bare hands. As long as you persevere though, it usually comes together in the end. Then, there’s the editing to look forward to! It certainly keeps your mind busy, which is a good thing for me, because when my mind’s idle it goes off in the weirdest of directions!

The smallest of things can spark an idea. Research into a subject is also useful. For example, passing a really old church, I noticed the Latin saying carved above a gate to the graveyard ‘Mors Janua Vitae.’ When I researched this, I found it meant ‘Death is the gateway to life.’ Looking at other Latin sayings, I found ‘Non Omnis Moriar’ which you’ll recognise if you’ve read ‘When the first conker falls.’ I spent an interesting couple of hours on the origins of Latin phrases! The internet has made research so much easier of course, and throws up all sorts of interesting ideas and theories that can be incorporated into stories.

I find old, quiet places tend to inspire me; castles, graveyards, or ancient forests – I think about who has been there before me, and wonder about their lives. Walking around antique shops, and thinking about who might have owned various objects is another favourite pastime. And finding out about people – remaining open to their beliefs and thoughts – is inspirational.

I also like to be a people ‘listener’ – an overheard conversation between strangers can, and has, sparked ideas for story lines and character traits on several occasions. News items are another good source of ideas.

I think that if you  watch, listen and remain receptive, ideas abound in everyday life. So, my answer to the question ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’


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A quiet sunlit graveyard. A place for inspiration.
A quiet graveyard provides inspiration