The weather and my favourite books

Does the weather ever remind you of books you’ve read and loved? It does for me.

A long hot summer will always make me think of Leo losing his innocence and falling for Lady Marian in The Go-Between by L.P.Hartley – and I can’t listen to a thunderstorm without thinking of the poor boy being dragged to the barn to discover what spooning is really all about!

Cover of book 'The Go-Between' by L.P.Hartley.

A long hot summer will remind me of another book, too – A Fatal Inversion by Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell). What a clever but sad plot this story had. Set in the summer of 1976 (one of the longest and hottest on record) it recalls the time vividly, and depicts the deterioration of the relationships between a group of teenagers who spend the summer in a mansion.

A heavy downpour with over-flowing gutters reminds me of the terrifying opening to IT by Stephen King, although my over-riding memory of this book is how well he depicts childhood in 1950s America. I was there!

The weather, landscape and millieu – in a good book – leaves a lasting impression and memory with the reader. I hope I’ve achieved this in ‘When the first conker falls.’ What weather reminds you of your favourite books?

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