Help for writers

There are a lot of knowledgeable writers out there helping fellow writers to write, publish, and market their work. Even better – some of them do it for free! Whatever you think about the internet, you can’t deny that it’s a help for writers. I thought I’d write a post about the useful people and information I came across on line whilst writing and publishing my novel. They are in no particular order, but if you aspire to write and publish, they will definitely prove helpful.

(Affiliate links – Just to be totally transparent, there are some affiliate links in this post. This means that if you buy something after clicking on the link from this page, I receive a few pennies which help pay towards the costs of this blog. It does not affect you in any way, nor does it affect the amount you pay for the item.)

Harry Bingham (a successful author) runs Jericho writers. Jericho offers some free, and some paid for, services/advice for writers. There is also a free forum for writers called ‘Townhouse’. Harry has also produced two books which are excellent: How to write a novel and Getting published.

Joanna Penn (another successful author) produces some free and some paid for help and information. She has produced some good pod-casts and books. Books for writers (a 14-book series) covers just about everything a writer needs to know. The first book, ‘Successful self-publishing’ is usually free on kindle.

David Gaughran (a successful author with a marketing background) is really great as he has produced so much quality help for free – courses, you-tube videos and his blog. He has also written good publishing/marketing guides:  Let’s get digitalStrangers to SuperfansBookbub Ads Expert and Amazon Decoded. The first of these is usually free. (David, if you ever read this, thanks for your you-tube video on how to do Facebook Ads. And please trim your beard back to short. Looks way better in my opinion.)

Also worth a mention:

Angela Ackerman –  her ‘writers helping writers’ series of books seems good. I’ve only got the first one though – The Emotion Thesaurus – which I can recommend.

Have a look at for free help and courses.

There is a Facebook Group called ‘Writers helping writers’

And of course, I must mention Stephen King’s ‘On writing: A memoir of the craft’.

So, to sum up, there is a lot of really good information out there, some of it for free. You don’t need a fortune to write and publish your own book – but you do need the time. Go on – I did it. So can you!

‘When the first conker falls’. Written, edited, formatted, published and marketed by – me! With help from my friends and fellow writers.