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‘When the first conker falls’ – my debut novel, finally written after years of procrastination – is FINALLY HERE! (Well, on Amazon!)

  The book I always said I would write. An adventure mystery set in the 1960s, it’s also a coming of age story with elements of magical realism, and at its heart, the importance of friendship and a boy’s love for his dog.


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From the back cover…

Blood is thicker than water – but what if the blood is bad?

Rural England, 1960s.

Tom and his friend Billy rescue a puppy from a cruel bully. An enigmatic tramp helps them care for it, becoming their friend and mentor. But helping animals can make human enemies, and when Tom is told a family secret, finding answers puts his dog – and loved-ones – in danger.

How can he protect them from an adversary bent on revenge – when he might be his long-lost brother?

What readers are saying about 'When the first conker falls'

‘Characters you won’t forget – in a time and place you won’t want to leave.’
‘Absolutely loved it! Couldn’t put it down.’
‘The tension was just right and the twist at the end –  excellent.  I certainly didn’t expect that.’ 
‘Touching and poignant’ 
‘I felt bereft when I’d finished it.’

'Twists and Churns'

An exploration of my darker side, ‘Twists and Churns’ is a collection of thirteen short stories in the horror/dark humour genre. I self-published this a couple of years ago on Amazon, mainly for experience. I haven’t really promoted this book, as I wanted to write a full-length novel first. It is available for purchase here. If you like ‘dark’ short-stories, please take a look. It has received some excellent reviews.

What I'm working on now...

I’m currently having a lot of fun thinking up an adventure set in the 1970s. At least one of the characters from ‘When the first conker falls’ will appear in this story too. I’m only at the outlining/plotting stage at the moment, so a long way to go… but it’s a great feeling when things start coming together!  

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